The answer is, Yes! You certainly require a professional logo for a new business.

In the past we have had companies building and growing their well loved brands for years. But what keeps them going is their regular and firm customer loyalty.

Now customer loyalty is often narrowed down to just the product, the better the product, the more loyal are the customers, true but that’s just the tip of the ice berg.

What people often forget is that customer loyalty begins once the customer can actually recognise you and trust you as a brand.

That’s where brand recognition comes into play.

Brand recognition, as Google suggests, is extent to which a consumer can correctly identify a particular product or service just by viewing the product or service’s logo, tag line, packaging or advertising campaign.

The moment a customer notices a professional logo, a consistent set of elements in designs and colour, visually attractive packaging that matches other the advertisement on the TV, it creates an entire web in their mind. A whole connection of that brand is created which checks the recognition box.

So what does that have to do with bringing up my sales and getting a professional logo you may ask?

Well, its simple. Professional Logo & Professional Branding > Advertising > Recognition > Recall > Trust > Customer Purchase > Recall > Customer Purchase No. 2 > Customer Loyalty.

For example:Brand XYZ invests in a logo designed professionally.

Assuming they are a Kids Clothing Brand. They then follow up by getting all their marketing material and visual identity professionally designer following the guidelines set with the designer after designing the logo.

They then start advertising. Now obviously, you and I, both would prefer something visually attractive over something that looks like its being made using some online logo generator but the trust is what is missing.

On coming across this brand again, there’s a guarantee that a potential customer is going to notice it due to the striking resemblance. Recognition – check!

They might come across the brand a few more times, which again, there’s a fair chance they would recall it.

Eventually, they’d consider buying due to the constant recall and recognition, leading to sales and finally customer loyalty.

This might’ve seemed like a long process, but most times it’s a fairly quick process with good branding.

Gaining customer loyalty is like making a friend. The more you seem to meet and recognise each other in public the stronger the bond gets. Except you wouldn’t trust someone who seems different at every meeting.

Therefore I conclude by saying, your brand’s physical appearance matters as much as yours, investing in that could make you many more friends (customers) than you could imagine!

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